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B2B Industrial shelving configurator

Powerful and reliable, the Perspectiv configurators suite has been built to accelerate drastically the quoting process.

Experience the intuitivity of the application, while in the background our AI engine optimize and secure the installation.

Built for a B2B shelving systems, storage mezzanines and partition walls manufacturer.

B2C Alarm configurator

Choosing the good product can be a tedious task, especially when you search for a bundle!

The alarm system configurators help B2C customers to find the best combination of sensors, central and accessories.

Combining configuration and recommandation, the alarm configurator is an asset for online sales!

Built for a B2C electronic retailer

ERNEST product finder

Some customers have no clue on how to search for the product they want.

The use of product finders is really helpful to make them make their decision.

SkalUP has an off-the-shelf, no-code product finder builder: ERNEST. Here is an example of a product finder built with ERNEST.

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