Knowledge-based AI

designed for configuration,

dedicated to your business

Our rules engines

Configuration engine

Processes thousands of constraints simultaneously with instant response time

Powerful state-of-the-art language (TVL) capable of expressing a large variety of configuration rules (technical, business, legal…)

Structured low code approach allows easy management and evolution of configuration knowledge

Resolves configuration conflicts and provide explanations

Recommendation engine

In e-commerce and sales, customer recommendations have to conform to business rules, e.g. suggesting compliant products with highest margins,… Our recommendation engine lets you express and manage all of those criteria easily !

Optimisation integration

Maximizing your sales potential means leaving nothing to fate. To recommend the best solutions while increasing your profitability, strong optimization algorithms are at work and can be tuned to match your specific requirements.

Keep it under control!

Easy-to-learn language

Learn how to express your rules yourself and let your team maintain the configurator

Highly skilled professionals

If you prefer, the SkalUP team can also model your rules for you, and integrate your configurator in your software ecosystem.

User-friendly workbench

We provide a complete web-based environment for prototyping, developing and testing your configuration knowledge

Need-based data generation


Data about the products bought does not tell the whole story. With an interactive recommendation system, get fine-grained data about the usual needs and desires of your customers to drive your sales.


Code quality and integration

All of SkalUP’s technology is developed according to the most stringent development standards such as Design by ContractTest-driven development and Domain Driven Design.


This translates into high-quality, highly-readable and easily maintainable software that evolves with your business.

With easy to use APIs and modular architecture, our software interoperates smoothly with your software environment and website.

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