AI-powered configurators 

& shopping assistants 

Powerful guided selling

In highly involving purchases, information search can be demotivating and stressful. 

Simple shopping guidance

Technical product characteristics are not always easy to grasp for your customers. SkalUP AI helps you transform them into an easy, need-oriented questionnaire for your customers to easily find the best solution.

Fast answers

Complete solutions to the customers’ needs are computed automatically and on the fly, on the basis of your current product catalogue.

Accurate recommendations

The solutions match the specified needs and are compliant with all the applicable rules (technical, regulatory, business…). When no solution perfectly fits, we can propose approximate solutions.

For complex products


Do not let your customers buy useless solutions! You can specify as many points of attention as you want including usage-technical mapping, business rules, compatibility between products/spare parts or even legal constraints.

Your offer becomes



Answer to quote requests in no time.


Your customers build compliant solutions that best match their needs.


All proposed solutions match the specified points of attention 


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