Make your customers

order faster than ever before

Shorten your quotation process from weeks to seconds.

Provide real-time and error-free quotes

adapted to your communication.

Let your customers order directly from the configurator.

Design your quotes now

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Specific pricing

You have different prices for your customer segments?

You can define any pricing rules (discounts, segments...) and the correct price is shown automatically to all customers.

Customized quote

Logo, colors, presentation, content... Create the quote of your choice according to your communication.

  • Fixed elements
  • Customer elements
  • Product elements
Fixed elements

Company logo, colors, history, contacts...

Make your quotes instantly recognizable

Customer elements

Make every quote personal by automatically adding all information about your customer: name, address, profile, discount and many more !

Product elements

2D/3D pictures of the configured product, its dimensions, parts, assembly time, mounting instructions, delivery fee and time...


We will contact you soon !

Leave us your e-mail address so that we can come back to you

You need other documents?


Automatically generate bills of materials (BOM) and feed them to your ERP

2D/3D Drawings

Generate the 2D or 3D drawings of your customized products


Make your selling process lightning fast by also generating standard contracts


You need another type of document or format (BIM, instructions...)? We can help!

Would you like more information?

Configure Price Quote

What can a configurator do to help your company?


How to sell your complex products effectively thanks to our AI engine?

Guided selling

How do our configurators guide your customers in their decision process?

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