AI-powered configurators

for complex products

Enlarge your customer reach like never before by having your product configurator right on your website. Let your new customers find and configure their products,

no matter their complexity, and place orders lightning fast 24/7!


Increase sales

Reduce errors

Speed up your sales process

“SkalUP provided us with a top-notch alarm system advisor. The technology gave us full control over bundle assembly and e-merchandising rules. It seamlessly adapted to our catalog format and its evolution.”

Director of Digital Marketing at Conrad France

What is a configurator ?

A configurator for complex products is a web application or software that guides customers to the product that most closely matches their needs and constraints.


Your products have multiple variants? Many verifications are necessary to ensure compatibility between parts, robustness, legal compliance, etc.? Discover how SkalUP's AI engine can help you.

Guided selling

Choosing the right product can be a long and painful experience. Discover how our configurators can streamline your customers' decision process.

Quotations and orders

Your quotes are fully part of your company image. Stand out from the competition by offering totally customized quotes with your company logo, layout, colors and information.


Sales increase

Our configurators help your customers feel confident about what to order by giving them real-time feedback on the features and looks of the product they are designing.

Quote automation

Your quotes are generated instantly, with all required information, no matter how complex the product is.

No errors

Our rule-based AI ensures 100% error-free and approved product designs.


Easily interoperates with any CRM, ERP, DB...

through simple APIs.


Stand out from the competition by offering a flawless customer experience through our multi-channel configurators.

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